Advantages and disadvantages of Solar Photovoltaic

Advantages and disadvantages of Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic Panels are becoming very popular and are a step in the right direction in terms of utilising free solar energy. Solar energy systems’ technology is continually developing new ways to capture and utilise the vast amounts of free energy provided by nature. Below are key advantages and disadvantages of solar panels. For additional information, please contact our solar experts who will be happy to assist you.

Advantages of Solar PV

  • Solar energy is free energy!
  • Solar panels provide clean – green energy.Advantages and disadvantages of Solar Photovoltaic
  • PV operates even in cloudy weather conditions.
  • Modular custom-made energy that can be sized for any application. Contact the team to find out more about our domestic solar kits and commercial solar PV kits.
  • Operating and maintenance costs for Photovoltaic panels are considered to be low, almost negligible, compared to costs of other renewable energy systems.
  • Solar photovoltaic panels are one of major renewable energy systems that are promoted through government subsidy funding such as FITs. These financial incentives, make solar cell panels an attractive investment alternative for many customers.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements – Plugin solar and start saving.
  • Photovoltaic cells are totally silent and have no mechanically moving parts – they are a perfect solution for residential areas.
  • Solar PV is environmentally friendly, as when solar panels generate electricity there are no emissions emitted.
  • Solar panels are a highly promising future both for economic viability and environmental sustainability.
  • Solar energy can be made available almost anywhere there is sunlight.


Limitations of Solar Photovoltaic

  • Intermittency and unpredictability of solar energy due to weather makes solar panels a less.
  • Solar energy panels require additional equipment, such as inverters to convert direct electricity (DC) to alternating electricity (AC) for it to be passed onto and used by the national grid.
  • Photovoltaic panels require not only inverters but also storage batteries, increasing the investment cost for PV panels considerably.
  • Large areas are required for large-scale photovoltaic solar projects or commercial ground mounted PV systems.
  • Solar panels efficiency levels vary but are relatively low, between 14%-25% compared to the efficiency levels of other renewable energy systems, such as LED Lighting.


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