Buckingham Palace could go solar

Buckingham Palace could go solar

£369 million refit means Buckingham Palace could go solar

solarpalaceSolar PV panels could be installed on the flat areas of Buckingham Palace’s roof as part of a £369 million reservicing refit.

The Royal Trustees published a report outlining how Buckingham Palace needs to “future proof” the Queen’s residence, suggestions included a section on energy efficiency improvements, detailing a number of ways in which alternative energy sources could be installed and implemented to supplement the Palace’s mains power.

After considering the options the Royal Household has chosen solar PV panels and an aerobic digestion unit in its reservicing program.

The report reveals that flat areas of the Buckingham Palace roof could receive solar panels so that they are not visible from the ground or principal rooms in the palace itself, and could produce just less than 5% of the building’s total energy demand.

An aerobic digestion unit has also been proposed due to the technology being a “low capital cost solution” that would reduce the Palace’s carbon footprint by circa 5%.

Solar thermal panels, ground source heat pumps, electrical heating and “fuel cells” were also identified as possible power supplies in the future, and the Royal Trustees will consider them “as technology develops”.

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