NEW Intenergy Classic series 265W modules

NEW Intenergy Classic series 265W modules

Intenergy 265wNEW 265W High-Efficiency Modules from Intenergy

Now in stock, our NEW Intenergy Classic series 265W modules. Offer your customers a solar panel that has been specifically designed for the UK market.

Our Intenergy Classic series proves BEST VALUE for all installations with module efficiency of 16.29%. These high performing Polycrystalline modules offer high output & efficiency even under low light conditions. With 12 year manufacturing guarantee, 12 year performance warranty of 90% of original power output and 25 year performance warranty of 80% of original output, our range of Intenergy modules offer complete customer satisfaction.

Call the team today on 01293 843400 to get a quote and place your order!

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