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GMDE Energy Meter

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Product Description

GMDE Energy Meter

Adopt the 1-phase bi-directional energy meter for communication, and hybrid inverter controls when to charge and discharge according to the data from the meter.

With vast three phase energy storage experience, GMDE are proud to launch their Single Phase solution. GMDE are one of the most successful developers of hybrid products.

  • Competitive price with full functions
  • Plug & play, easy setup IP20 rated
  • Use your solar energy at any time
  • Emergency power output up to 2kW in case of power outage auto switching after approx 5 sec
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for free access to online monitoring portal
  • 5 year warranty / 7 year optional

PV Inverter (Storage ready)

DC Input
Max. Inout Power 3700 W
Max. DC Voltage 550 V
MPPT Voltage Range 125-530 V
MPP tracker 2
Maximum Input Current 12 A / 12 A
AC Output
Max. Output Power (W) 3600 W
Output voltage / Frequency (On-Grid) 230V / 50Hz rated, 180-276V / 47.5-51.5Hz (varying with different country regulations)
Rated Output voltage / Frequency (Off-Grid) 230Vac, 50Hz
Max. AC current 16 A
Power outages Auto-switching to backup power after approx. 5 sec.
Other Parameters
IP Protection class IP20 (Indoor)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 500mm x 380mm x 150mm
Weight 25Kg
DC switch Optional
Cooling Forced air cooling
Battery Manager
Rated power 2400 W
Operation voltage range 40-58 V
Max. charging current 50 A
Max. discharging current 50 A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 500mm x 280mm x 150mm
Weight 10 Kg
Battery Packs
Battery Capacity 2*2.4 kWh battery module (extendable)
Usable Capacity 3.84@4.8 kWh
Packs Weight 80 Kg
Certification G83 (UK); VDE-AR-N 4105 (DE); AS4777 (AUS) VDE-0126-1-1
Interface Energy management unit integrated/LCD display / RS485 communication
Warranty 5-year standard, 7-year extendable
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +45°C