Powerflow Sundial Master Battery Storage

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Powerflow Sundial Master Battery Storage

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Product Description

Powerflow Sundial Master 2kW

  • Compatible with any existing or new PV system
  • Self-Regulating fast reacting capture and release of energy
  • Fully automated Plug and Play installation
  • Long lasting SAFE Lithium Iron Phosphate battery architecture
  • G83/2 compliant
  • Modular system for complete design flexibility
  • 10 year battery warranty, 5 year warranty electronics

Sundial M (SDM-2.0-500)

Maximum Battery Capacity 2.0kWh
*Number of Cycles: 80% DOD > 6000
Nominal Battery Capacity 1.6kwH
*Battery Life Expectancy 15 Years
Under/Over Voltage Protection Yes
Under/Over Charge Current Protection Yes
Under/Over Discharge Current Protection Yes
Cell Balancing / Anti-Aging Protection Yes / Yes
AC Input / Output
Input / Output Voltage: Nominal / Range 230V / 180-270V
Input / Output Voltage: Nominal / Range 50Hz / 47.5-55Hz
Nominal Input power
(With power factor correction)
300W (6 x 50W adaptive)
Nominal Real Output Power
(With reactive power factor control)
500W (4x 125W adaptive)
Max Apparent Output Power 580VA
Reactive Power Factor Control 1 (Unity) 0.8cap, 0.8ind, Dynamic
Inverter Topology HF / Galvanic Isolation
Start up power: Export / Import 120w / 200w
Total Harmonic Distortion (odd) <3%
Operational Data
Max Number of Devices (per phase) 1
Max number of Devices per string 1
Max Nominal Storage Capacity (per phase) 1.6kWh
Max Nominal Output Power (per phase) 500W
Input / Output Power Connection Plug and Play (PowerFlow Speed-Fit)
Measurement and Power Control Method F-POINT technology ®
Communication Bus / Connection RS485-PFLIN / RJ45
WiFi, Ethernet Access with web server (available Dec 2016)
Ambient Temperature Range -20ºC to +60ºC
Optimum Battery Temperature Range 0ºC to +40ºC
Cooling Concept Convective (fan less)
General Data
Dimensions (L /H /D) 440 / 300 / 280 mm
Enclosure Weight (Kg) 34 kg
Mounting Type Wall Hung
Compatible with PowerFlow ERS immersion heating Yes
Battery Enclosure Ingress Protection IP44
Cooling Architecture Ingress Protection IP20
Crystal Clear LCD Display / LED status indicator Yes / Yes
Compliant Certification Standards EN 50438, VDE 4105, CEI 0-21, G83/2, EN 62109-1, EN 62109-2, EN 61000-2-3-6, EN 61000-6-1, RoHS, CE
Anti-Islanding Protection Yes
Backup Power Availability N/A
Country of Manufacture England
Enclosure Custom Aluminium Designed (sealed)
Colour Metallic Silver / Carbon Fibre
Internet Monitoring Gateway with App (available late 2016)
**Warranty: Battery / Electronics 10 Years / 5 Years

*Battery cycle life and life expectancy figures are best estimates based on lab test data of cell degradation over charge and discharge cycles,
These values are estimates only and are not a guarantee.
** Warranty subject to terms and conditions, see latest warranty documentation for further details.
Battery warranty is 10 years or 6000kWh which ever comes first.
Product Specification is subject to change without notice.