Ready to Drive on Solar Roads?

Ready to Drive on Solar Roads?

Could all those sun rays that beam down on the roads be converted to solar power?

Husband and wife team, Scott and Julie Brusaw are the founders of Idaho-based company Solar Roadways. They have created a system of solar panels coated with bulletproof glass that can replace pavements and roads. Both the Netherlands and France are researching solar roadways, but they have not been tried in the U.S yet.


The Brusaws just installed their first pilot project in Sandpoint, Idaho and they are working with the Missouri Department of Transportation on a project at a rest stop on Route 66.

Skeptics worry about the durability of the panels and also the expense of producing and maintaining them, but the Brusaws said the roads hold tremendous potential as sources of clean power and will pay for themselves over time by generating clean energy that can be delivered and sold to consumers.

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